Branding Petra - 2018

Print Media Costs:

500 Brochures - $395

1000 Postcards -$375

Design/Layout/Typesetting/Copy Writing - $450

Christian Publication Placement: TBD

Print Media Production Total:$1,220.00

Social Media/Web Presence:

Social Media Management: Actively promoting PDM via Ministry Access (sometimes called a business of fan page) and placing Facebook Ads: Minimum commitment/6 Months (Ad placement costs included) - $650 for 6 Months (not per month)

Website Design (Setting up The function and aesthetics of the website) - $750

Domain Acquisition (Purchasing Web name/address) - $150

Domain Hosting (The Monthly cost to host and manage website) - $34.95/mnth (cost waived if you I set up website)

1 Video Promo for Website and Social Media: $275 (Cost waived if I set up website)

Social Media/Web Presence Production Cost: $1,400.00

Video Production (Promotional and Testimonial Videos regarding the impact and effectiveness of PDM)

I suggest 4 to 5 videos: (Cost based on what you feel you need and when you want it)

1.) A Welcome and Introduction Video

2.) A Testimonial video featuring 2 Testimonies

3.) An Additional Testimonial video featuring 3 Testimonies

4.) A Video Showcasing the ministries of PDM

5.) A General Invitation to Attend

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